Strength/Weight Training for Athletes – why YOU should do it!

Weight training

  Attention runners, cyclists, athletes: You may think that you don’t need resistance training, but you are likely wrong (or at the very least missing out). Resistance/weight training will make you stronger, which will translate into better power output – this means you can go harder and faster. It can also strengthen up your stabilising muscles (core, hips, shoulders, etc) […]

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Multi Day Stage Racing – How to survive (Part 2 – Muscle Recovery)


So we have covered the food and drink side of things, the “engine” of the body. Now lets look at th emoving parts. The Muscles – your aims here are to Relieve muscle soreness Promote muscle repair and growth Reduce swelling Improve circulation Remove waste products/lactic acid etc. When you over-load your muscles, either by significantly increasing the amount you […]

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